Sleek. Modern.
Incredible Tone.

Check out our new Carbon Fiber Electric Guitars Today!

Manufacturer of premium carbon fiber guitars and located in Ontario, Canada.

Light, Durable, and Proudly Made in Canada!

Perfect for Travel
Carbon Fiber and Flax Fiber Ukuleles from Soprano to Baritones
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Light Weight - Durable
Acoustic Guitars
Carbon Fiber and Flax Fiber Acoustic Guitars
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Sleek Design - Incredible tone
Electric Gutiars
Carbon Fiber Electric Guitars
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A Carbon Fiber Instrument for any Occasion

Instruments you can take wherever you go without a second spent on "what will the conditions be, what about humidity?". These guitars will handle nearly every condition you can throw at them, all while looking and sounding amazing.

So the question is.... where will you take yours?

Synergy Instruments

760 Gillard Street
Wallaceburg, Canada

Mon - Fri, 9;00am - 5:00pm
Saturday, Closed
Sunday, Closed

(by appointment only)

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